IT security : only compliance or business needs ? The concrete experience of Data base security in BPM


Security Security Summit on March 15, 2016
14:30 to 15:15 – Room Asia C – Atelier Tecnologico

The digital transformation proceeds not randomly with the evolution of guidelines and standards: the more deep is the transformation, the higher should be the level of safety and protection assured to the information. And ‘therefore wrong to contrast the compliance obligations, seen as bureaucratic constraints, to the speed of business needs.

The technical workshop will address these issues with the help of Codd&Date and Zeropiu.

Codd&Date will present an evolutionary framework of rules and regulations in key industry in relation to the protection and confidentiality of information and the individual and corporate asset, providing an overview of some important implementation experience in organizational and technological terms, with particular attention to those good practices (eg. Date; Vulnerability Governance) that can facilitate the convergence between compliance requirements and business needs.

Zeropiu deepen, with the contribution of BPM, the practical needs of protection of the data base according to business lines of security, compliance and operational efficiency, presenting the BPM experience in building DB functions Vault and EUS to handle so efficient technical management functions of business Date Base, separating them from the possibility of access to data, and simplify operational management.

Speakers: Rosario Piazzese, Elena Focacci, Elisabetta Nobile