Data Management

  • Data Governance

    We help companies in designing an efficient Data Governance process based on solid experiences and methodologies. We assist them from the first introduction of Data Administration structures and the controlled evolution of the Enterprise Data Model, both in an operational and analytical context, based on shared principles and guidelines.

  • Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

    We help companies in managing Data Warehouse processes by designing the entire solution or reengineering and optimizing already-operating solutions with technological expertise and knowledge of relational and dimensional design logic, as well as Data Integration processes. We have gained significant experience in Demand management and in managing business and ICT interconnection by acquiring skills and method in translating business needs into requirements and requirements in analytical applications of Business Intelligence.

  • Database Marketing & CRM-Analytics

    The historical skills in Data Warehouse – Business Intelligence, both from the point of view of design and from the technological point of view, have evolved to embrace the issues of development of Database Marketing and the Business Intelligence area, named after Analytical CRM, which is at the center of every Campaign Management project.

  • Data Mining & Machine Learning

    From Descriptive Analysis to Predictive Analysis we accompany companies in the evolution of the analytical process through the definition of patterns of clustering and profiling, in researching anomalies in customer behavior (Fod Detection), Churn Analisys, and predictive models, based on temporal series. Predictive statistical models, studying the historical behavior of customers, identify distinctive representative patterns in relation to a purpose and allow to estimate the odds of repeating expected behavior of the current customer in the next future.