• Business Innovation

    We anticipate new technological trends through constant research and the passion of those who consider IT an essential factor of innovation. We support our customers in identifying the strategies and the best technologies enabling their business model.

  • IT Strategies & Governance

    Methodology and experience are the indispensable factors for achieving the predefined results. Government and advisory initiatives (for aligning IT to companies targets), as well as coordination (Project management) and supervision (Program management) in IT Projects, are our added value.

  • Risk, Compliance, Audit & Security, Payment Systems

    We allow corporate process management through evaluation, optimization, monitoring and control activities, in compliance with normative and regulators. Risk management is particularly monitored by both level (risk / compliance) and third level (control). In our services, we also focus on Cyber Security and Business Continuity. We support financial institutions in adopting new standards for payment systems or in introducing mobile payment, money transfer, SDD, PSD2, bitcoin and blockchains paradigms in cross-border or multi-currency contexts.

  • Technology Strategy & Architecture

    We provide highly professional consulting, for study and design of Architectures and Information Systems that promote business development. We are particularly focused on defining the operational aspects of both business strategies and compliance requirements.


We help to improve the efficiency of your activities of any size and complexity with highly skilled and diversified services of Program & Project Management.
Codd&Date can offer high value services of project management in all industrial sectors.
This offer comes from consolidated know how of hundreds of projects where we prove our expertise and professional capacity.

Program & Project Management

Project Management / PM as service
Direct Programs and Projects management or support to existing structures

The service offers support to companies in different ways, depending on the different needs. In particular, it provides:

  • Project Management pure activity through qualified Project Managers using the expertise of the structure and resources of Codd&Date.
  • Activity of support to the internal Project Manager through different type of works: Mentoring, Tutoring, Coaching.
  • Project Assurance Services: independent and objective oversight about the “performance” of critical projects regarding technological complexity or financial commitment or high risk. The service acts as an interface between the Project manager and the developer, in which the service is adressed that often gets into difficulties in the management of this type of projects.

Project Office / PMO as service
PMO arrangements and training and PMO services for individual program / project

The service offers the typical activities of PMO, in all its different forms. It will be offered in two distinct ways:

  • Project Office helps the company to build, launch and develop the internal structure of Project Office
  • Project Office of single program/project, specifically dedicated to a single Program/Project that needs to have an independent Project Office structure, reliable and efficient

Training / Education
Training activities customized according to the needs and specifications of the customer

The training consists in courses divided into three distincted areas:

  • Basic training: courses for Executive and participants in the projects both as standard or customized form, according to the needs of the client or project.
  • Advanced training: courses for experts and courses related to areas of intervention already described (Recovery, Audit, Assessment, etc.) In order to bring the training experience and know how learned in the consulting interventions.
  • Training mode game: the purpose is to improve the skills of project managers through a Card Gaming or learning paths such as choose and move forward. This type of game can be standard or customized for individual customer.

Solutions for non-performing projects and management plans Recovery

The offer consists of different services:

  • Project Audit: depending on customer requirements; verifies, any weaknesses or non conformities with respect to internal or external methodologies, or Best Practice and suggests corrective actions, both in the definition of the repayment plans, and Follow Up management.
  • Assessment: provides to the management a picture of the situation and provides the Health Check of the project and its progress.
  • Recovery: if the project is suffering offers customer support to manage the project, offering objective criteria to decide the closure, and eventually launching a plan to limit the damage and make sure that the project arrives to its natural end, even with all the changes that will be identified.

Assessment of the current situation and definition of an improvement plan

The service offers support to carry out an assessment of the situation at a methodological level and introduces the project management plans, evaluation and Follow Up.

  • Organizational Assessment: preparing reports regarding any strengths and weaknesses based on OPM3 or the same framework PMCD.
  • Process Improvement: preparation plan that will lead to improvement in project management based on the baseline, that has been identified and validated in the previous assessment .
  • Follow Up: periodic actions to define if the introduction plans and its use proceeds correctly; identify any critical situations to be reported to the management.