Codd & Date qualifies as Advisor for micropayments and EU Directive PSD2


Codd & Date, as part of its offering related to Payment Systems, is deepening the new EU directive on micropayments PSD2 (Payment Services Directive), which will become effective next January 2018.

For this purpose, it has created a professional team, specialized in support for banking and financial industry and has developed its own “Market Observatory” focused on evolution of demand and supply IT and Fintech.

This effort is providing to its Italian and international customers, banking, Fintech but also Retail, a concrete support in building their own reading skills of the phenomenon and appropriate readiness to the looming challenge, allowing Codd & Date also to interact with the main institutional actors of such a challenge.

Already a few months ago, Codd & Date exposed publicly on the subject with the Bank of Italy, click here, for some extracts of the event.