Cybersecurity program implementation


Cybersecurity approach for Financial Institutions and Corporates

To a CTO or CISO we don’t need to explain what cybersecurity is. To all the others, it has a lot more to do then Firewalls and Antivirus Programs. In fact, this is an important but a very small part of all it.
Information is a key resource for all organizations. The complete IT Infrastructure is under continuous and increasing attack as we can read in the WEF Global Risk Report 2020.
Destructive assaults against financial, retail and energy providers indicate a need for renewed dedication to management of technology-related risk at an acceptable level.
In order to protect the information owned or managed (as information custodian), it’s necessary to be aware and use well-proven frameworks and good practices.
Of course also regulatory compliance needs are augmenting where the Management needs to prove to the regulator, in case of an attack where e.g. personal client data has been stolen, that their cybersecurity levels were on a fungible level. This need to be constantly monitored and documented.

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We start explaining the different organizations and their approach and lastly how Codd&Date put all together to reach a relevant level of security in few steps.
This article is the foundation to understand the Codd&Date approach to cybersecurity which is based on a long experience of the Codd&Date experts applying international standards and frameworks.
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