GDPR and Business Impact – The current state of the art in Europe and its application in Switzerland and the Canton of Ticino


On the 24th of October a workshop on GDPR was held in Lugano, at the Hotel Lugano Dante Center. It has been discussed about the new European Data Protection Regulation and the directive regulating their treatment that accumulates all EU Member States European..

Among the speakers there were colleagues Dario Carnelli e Rosario Piazzese.

Among the main innovations introduced by the GDPR:

– The obligation to treat the data according to the design “by design” and “by default”;

– The birth of a new professional figure, the Data Protection Officer (DPO), mandatory in the Public Administration and private companies dealing with sensitive data;

– The obligation to carry out the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) for the treatment of high risk data;

– The obligation to comply with the “Data breach”, the reporting to the guarantor and the person concerned of any leakage or compromise of data;

– The establishment of the “Prior consultation” procedure, the submission of an application to the guarantor if the DPIA did not produce any positive results;

– Increased sanctions in case of violations;

– pseudonymization and data encryption according to the principle that profiling information must be kept in a form that prevents the user from being identified.

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